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TLE Oct 10th - 11th
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The Grass Is Always Greener

James H. Baird, PhD, an assistant specialist in cooperative extension and turfgrass science at UC Riverside, explained to attendees that the Field Day involves several stale-of-the-art research areas designed to study water and salinity management issues.

University of California, Riverside held its annual Turfgrass and Landscape Research Field Day on Sept. 13 with about 150 attendees. Presented by UC Agriculture and Natural Resources, graduate assistants provided their findings on a broad range of topics with 20-minute stops at 11 different stations.

Graduate assistants from UC Riverside and New Mexico State University shared results and insights into research on such topics as Management of Anthracnose and Dollar Spot Diseases Evaluation of Products for Salinity Management, and Groundcovers for Water Conserving Landscapes.

At the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program Perennial Ryegrass Test, Brent Barnes showed attendees a Brinkman Traffic Simulator, attached to a tractor. This device was calibrated to simulate the foot traffic of a typical football game, between the 40-yard lines, all done in two passes with a Brinkman.

"All the plots have been done this year at the facility," said Barnes. "You need to choose the best type of turf for your region. Turf quality includes color, germination, thickness, leaf blades, traffic tolerance and density."

Ryan Nichols spoke on Everything Buffalograss - Weeds, Traffic, Management. Turfgrass ecology includes carbon intake and water efficiency. Research was done on a variety of grasses at different golf courses.

"Buffalograss is the only native turf variety to North America," said Nichols. "It's able to survive with low water and nutrients and comes back once it's watered. We also looked at how more nitrogen caused the grass to become greener. It's just a matter of choosing what season you want the grass to be green and when you allow it to be brown."

Next year's Turfgrass Field Day will occur on Sept. 12, 2013 at UC Riverside. For more information go to

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