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In Lakeland Florida, Playground Grass Ultra was chosen for this marquee 22,000 square foot project in the middle of Florida because of its quality, durability and overall look. The rolling hill has been the highlight of the park as many kids are able to roll down the hill of grass.
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After several years of industry leadership in playground surfacing, ForeverLawn, whose artificial grass is specifically designed for playgrounds and is backed up by more than six years of commercial installation experience, is proud to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Brian Karmie, vice president of ForeverLawn said he felt it was important to create a playground surface that promotes safety and accessibility for children of all levels of physical ability.

ForeverLawn's Playground Grass gives children with varying physical abilities the chance to have fun on safe, easily accessible playgrounds. Wheelchairs, crutches and braces all move easily over the cushioned safety surface, which include barrier-free edging, allowing a seamless transition from hard surfaces to the grass.

An excellent example of Playground Grass in use is the recently completed Common Ground project in Lakeland, Fla. The playground is the first of its kind in the city and features unique play experiences for all children, including the 17,000 kids in the area who have a range of physical and cognitive abilities. Common Ground won the prestigious Field of Dreams Award, which recognizes the substantial impact synthetic turf has on today's youth. The award is given by the Synthetic Turf Council.

Discovery was designed with smaller children and unique indoor environments in mind. This is not a discussion of durability, as this is as durable as they come, but the use of soft XP fibers, constructed in a short, dense product (with a thatch) means there is no need for infill. Kids can't put it in their mouths or get it in their eyes, because it isn't there.

Playground Grass in the Common Ground project covers 25,000 square feet of the play zones to help connect the barrier-free play elements. The grass also holds up to Florida's weather extremes. It drains almost instantly after the heaviest of tropical rains and remains cooler than other typical safety surfaces such as rubber.

"The use of ForeverLawn in our project enables us to improve upon our green initiatives by reducing our dependence on chemical sprays, fertilizer and mechanical equipment," said Pam Page, City of Lakeland Parks and Recreation Department. "Incorporation as a playground surface provides an environmentally sound surface which provides fall zone protection for our children at play."

Playground Grass was the first artificial turf product to be ASTM 1292 certified for fall zone area heights up to 12 feet and was the first fall-safe artificial grass to be ADA compliant. The main cause of injury on a playground is due to falls to the surface, which constitutes 79% of all playground injuries (United States Consumer Product Safety Commission). The grass is the first and only artificial turf to be certified as Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) compliant. The product line also offers antimicrobial options, helping create a cleaner, safer environment.

ForeverLawn voluntarily participates in a third-party product certification program administered by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). This certification ensures the playground owner that the products have been tested and the installation training procedures are in compliance.

About ForeverLawn
ForeverLawn provides innovative synthetic grass products to create better landscapes worldwide. In areas where real grass is difficult to grow or maintain--due to high traffic or poor conditions--ForeverLawn offers a realistic alternative that is beautiful, functional, and durable. In addition to its landscape lines, ForeverLawn also offers specialty products including K9Grass, SportsGrass, Playground Grass, GolfGreens, and SplashGrass.

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