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The Green Field
Sustainable products and procedures in the news continue to highlight improvements and opportunities in the landscape industry.

This summer's World Cup final in Brazil, which was won by Germany 1-0 over Argentina, averaged a record 17,324,000 viewers in the U.S.

Winning Strategies
A tactic to keep trees healthy when water is at a premium is to drill several 4-inch-wide holes around the base of a tree, as deep as possible without damaging large roots, and filling them with compost, which will allow the water to reach the roots.

To reduce surface temperatures on synthetic turf by as much as 30 percent, instead of using infill that is black or brown, install green or tan granules that absorb less heat and still complement the color of the turf system fibers.

Advanced Gear
A green alternative for safety and accent lighting, bricks made by IBL Spa have luminescent, geometric inserts that absorb light during the day and glow in the dark for several hours at night.

Hendrix Progressive Fuel Technologies' new kit to convert gas mowers to propane use qualifies landscape professionals for $500 per conversion through the Propane Mower Incentive Program. |

Nature's E.N.V. is a sustainable, natural, virtually sterilized, 1-1-0.4 fertilizer product made from solid farm animal waste that is processed with a methane digester.

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