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The Growing Threat of Urban Flooding
A New Report by UMD and Texas A&M

The Growing Threat of Urban Flooding

One of the main driving factors for this study is the fact that neither federal nor state governments track urban flooding, creating a lack of data and awareness around urban flooding.

A collaboration between the University of Maryland, in College Park, and the Texas A&M University Galveston campus has produced a comprehensive 44-page report titled "The Growing Threat of Urban Flooding: A National Challenge."

The study was conducted in order "to determine the extent and consequences of urban flooding in the United States and explore what actions might be taken to mitigate this flooding in the future."

To construct this report, researchers from both universities analyzed data on urban flooding, surveyed over 700 municipal flood and stormwater managers via phone and email, and met with national, state and local officials whose jobs "intersect with urban flooding..."

All in all, ten conclusions and nine suggestions are stated within the report. The results of a national survey are also provided. Highlights of the reached conclusions include: "Communities across the nation are facing similar challenges with urban flooding;" "The division of responsibilities... are not clearly defined;" and data pertaining to urban flooding is not widely shared.

Suggestions made by the researchers for mitigating urban flood damage generally include increasing awareness, bolstering cooperation between local, state and federal government officials, the creation of a federal agency to provide oversight of urban flooding, and better research pertaining to the matter.

The report is available in full, for free HERE.

CITATION: University of Maryland, Center for Disaster Resilience, and Texas A&M University, Galveston Campus, Center for Texas Beaches and Shores. The Growing Threat of Urban Flooding: A National Challenge. 2018. College Park: A. James Clark School of Engineering.

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