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The Orange County Great Park Gets Even Greater

The amenity pond shown in the rendering will be located near the entrance of the park. In the background the tethered helium balloon (open since 2007) hovers over what will be the Visitor’s Center once the project is complete.
Photo: Orange County Great Park Corporation

The Orange County Great Park has been a subject of talk amongst landscape architects throughout the US and now there is even more to talk about - 21.5 million dollars worth. The Orange County Great Park has just announced the next phase of the park construction and has opened the project for bids; the deadline is February 24, 2012.

Construction is set to begin this March with additions including:

South Lawn and Timeline West- this will improve approximately 30 acres of vacant land within the Orange County Great Park Western Sector Park Development Plan. Major features include four soccer fields (two will be lit), four full basketball courts, a new restroom and operations facility building, jogging trail, passive recreational activities, water features and a sophisticated storm water capture re-use system. Timeline West builds on the current Walk-able Timeline and serves as a circulation corridor connecting the existing Balloon Park to the South Lawn.

Visitors Center Pavilion- this area will be approximately 5,000 square feet in size and will feature a large lobby, restroom facilities, concession area, exhibition areas and office space.

Community Garden- will be adjacent to the existing Farm + Food Lab and will feature 99 plots, including six ADA-compliant plots. An open turf area with a large shade tree and picnic tables will provide a community gathering area.

Parking Lot Extension- this will expand the number of parking stalls in the improved Balloon Park Parking Lot. This scope includes complete re-surfacing and re-striping of the pavement as well as new curb and planter construction.

The Promenade- which will be located west of the Balloon Park parking lot, running parallel to the east side of existing Hangar 244.

The construction work for the Western Sector Capital Improvements project includes: demolition, clearing, trenching, grading; installation of underground utilities and drainage improvements; installation of ponds, water features and other storm water collection and installation of electrical equipment and lighting. It also includes support systems for the future electronic security system; the laying of asphalt and concrete; installation of fencing; planting and establishing landscaping; and installation of irrigation systems.

The Orange County Great Park was once a 4,700-acre Marine Corps Air Station that has been re-vamped as a city park. The Great Park features an iconic tethered helium balloon hat that rises 400 feet in the air, providing an aerial view of park development. Other features include a carousel, Farm + Food Lab, Kids Rock playground, Walk-able Timeline, Palm Court Arts Complex, North Lawn Recreation area and historic Hangar 244.

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