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The Technology that Has the Hardscape Industry Looking Up
Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive Takes Your Work to the Next Level


Vertical Instant Lock should be applied to a clean, dry surface using a premium caulking gun. Apply to surfaces in a continuous, arching bead that spans the full width of the material being applied, staying 1/2 " away from edges.

Masters of hardscape construction know you simply cannot cut corners to save time, but you certainly can save time when you use the latest technology in vertical adhesive.

The team at SRW Products has long been inspired by the artistic visions and gorgeous finished work of hardscape contractors who are leading the way in the evolving industry. Their commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance the great skill of hardscape professionals was the driving force behind the development of an adhesive that can truly raise your game.

Customers are sharing stories of the confidence this new product provides and the time they save that allows them to make more progress every day.


"Vertical Instant Lock is amazing: instant bond with no sag and no mess! Couldn't imagine doing it any other way," Jeff M., PGA, Head Golf Professional, told SRW Products.

Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive is the first and only adhesive designed for vertical applications, according to the manufacturer. It works incredibly fast to lock hardscape materials securely in place in less than five seconds. This formula allows you to achieve a near immediate, permanent bond. Projects that would typically require bracing and dry time can be completed significantly faster and with complete confidence in the integrity of the vertical installations. You won't experience the dreaded slipping or sagging that can result in unsatisfactory results and project rework that costs time and money.

Vertical Instant Lock is also non-corrosive and when cured is fully weather resistant. It is specially formulated as low odor, which makes it ideal for indoor use. No mortar required.


The product holds strong in less than 5 seconds with no mortar and no mess. It is quick curing and weather resistant when cured. Vertical Instant Lock is non-corrosive and low odor.

"We're excited to bring this new adhesive to the hardscape market," says David Orton, CEO of SRW Products. "When it comes to vertical applications, Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive far outperforms polyurethane- and silicone-based adhesive products. It works faster than anything out there. This is a game changer for contractors and homeowners because there are not any other adhesives available that are designed specifically for vertical installations."

Now even the most challenging vertical applications can be completed quickly and easily, without the mess and hassle that can accompany complex vertical installations - saving valuable time.



Vertical Instant Lock can be used for outdoor kitchens, veneers and masonry projects, hanging numbers or accents on brick facade, installing shelves or towel bars on tile walls, and a wide range of repairs and reinforcements on stone, block, brick, tile, metal, glass and wood.

"We've put Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive to the test - securing stone pavers as heavy as 25 pounds to a wall. Our customers who have seen this product in action have been quite impressed with how quickly a secure bond forms even with fairly heavy stone. It really does reduce the difficulty in working with hardscape materials on vertical surfaces," states Orton.

Bring the power of Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive to your next project and share how your project benefited. SRW loves to learn from their customers and share great ideas!


Learn more at and check out the product demonstration of Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive video. SRW Products is a family owned and operated business with over 25 years in the hardscape industry. As a distributor-based company, they sell to qualified hardscape producers and dealers across the US and Canada.

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