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Top-10 Viewed (Clicked On) Landscape Architectural Articles on in 2013 (Jan. 2013 to Oct. 29)

The Landscape Communications website,, is a repository for all the articles and news published in it's two magazines--Landscape Architect and Specifier News (LASN), Landscape Contractor / DBM (Design Build Maintain Supply), as well as the news that appears in the Landscape Online Weekly newsletter.

This feature presents the Top-10 landscape architecture-related articles, features and news that visitors to clicked on. Because the website is an archive of current and past features, articles and news, some of the most popular articles are from previous years.

#1 Real Estate Forecast Predicts Growth Through 2014 - April 3, 2012, News
by Kyle Cavaness, LASN Editor
This April 2012 news item revealed a prescient three-year forecast (March 28, 2012 through 2014) of 38 members of the Urban Land Institute (real-estate economists and analysts) based on 2009-2011 data, and the panel's median forecast on 26 economic indicators. The survey results predicted real GDP (inflation-adjusted) rising steadily from 2.5 percent in 2012 (real GDP increased 2.2 percent in 2012), to 3.2 percent by 2014; the unemployment rate falling to 8 percent in 2012 (the 2012 range was 7.8-8.3), and down to 6.9 percent by 2014; and the number of jobs created rising from an expected 2 million in 2012 (number was 1.84 million), to 2.75 million in 2014.

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#2 Isamu Noguchi's Playground Designs - September 2004, LASN
by Leslie McGuire, LASN Managing Editor
Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988) was a visionary sculptor and landscape garden designer whose innovative playgrounds and playground equipment designs are a fusion of earth sculpture and interactive play. Noguchi viewed the Earth as the original sculpture medium. He felt the ground embodied the spirit of creativity that inspired early humans, and suggested a way for them to get control of their spiritual existence. In other words, to arrange your inner landscape you must sculpt your outer landscape.

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#3 Retaining Walls: Brands, Styles and Options Add Up - October 2006, LASN
by Erik Skindrud, LASN Regional Editor
The development of interlocking concrete retaining wall units has led to an expanded number of options for landscape architects and engineers. That's the good news. On the other hand, more education is required to stay abreast of the options and reinforcement systems available. Most retaining wall products use anchoring systems that differ considerably. Learning more about what's out there is a necessary first step to choosing wisely when it comes to wall units for a specific project, budget and site.

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#4 Landscape Design for the Modern, Minimalist Home - January 2004, LASN
by Steve Kelly, LASN Editor
The architectural design of the Emerson residence in the Westwood-Century City area of West Los Angeles is M & M, not sugar coated, but modern and minimalist. The landscape architecture is by R. Michael Schneider, principal and founder of Orange Street Studio, Los Angeles. From the street you see framed between two palms geometric cubes (shell stone walls) of beige, white and planes of teal (or is that light green?). The first impression is adobe architecture transmogrified. It has a modern but not a hi-tech look. It's sculptured and all horizontal and vertical planes, but the colors and plantings evoke a warm and welcome southwest feel.

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#5 Landscape Architecture Schools: The Top 15 - February 10, 2006, News
by Steve Kelly, Editor
Each year DesignIntelligence ranks landscape architecture programs. The top three LA undergrad programs in 2006 were (1) U. of Georgia; (2) Purdue; (3) LSU. The 2013 list ranks the top three as (1) LSU; (2) Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; and (3) Penn. State U. The top three LA graduate programs in 2006 were (1) Harvard; (2) U. of Pennsylvania; and (3) U. of Georgia. The 2013 list still has Harvard at number one (pictured); U. of Penn. has dropped to number three; and number two is Virginia Poly.

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#6 Forsyth School's Creative Outdoors - June 2008, LASN
by Steve Kelly, LASN Editor
Forsyth School is a private elementary school located in the urban mix of St. Louis, Missouri. SWT Design led the design team in comprehensive master planning, including site inventory and analysis, conceptual master planning, design development, cost estimating, graphic support for fundraising, value engineering, construction documentation, construction observation, field design and modifications.

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#7 Generation Speed: Part 1: Graphics - December 2008, LASN Tech Column
by Ashley Calabria, LASN Technology Editor
One of the major differences between professionals and students is in taking full advantage of new technologies. More resources are becoming available as our dependence on computer graphics increases, but with the hectic pace of the profession, using free or new resources is often too time-consuming to locate. Students, however, find ways to get results that are nontraditional, using freebies, joining social/networking groups or by trial and error. This series of articles highlight online resources gathered from students and seen at conferences. There is no doubt that today's students have been appropriately labeled "Generation Speed."

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#8 Green Parking II: Putting Parking Lots to Work - March 2011, LASN Ordinance Column
by Buck Abbey, ASLA, Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture, Louisiana State University
The idea of putting parking lots to work is a concept based upon several sustainable landscaping principles found in the LEED program and the Sustainable Sites Initiative, but also in such regional initiatives as the Florida Friendly Landscape Program, Louisiana Yards and Neighborhood Program, or the California Bay Friendly Program. They all use site design strategies for onsite stormwater management practices, shade generation, air cleaning, filtering and cooling, as well as vehicle screening within the parking environment.

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#9 The Dualities of Reinventing Space, Profile: Martha Schwartz, ASLA, Principal, Martha Schwartz Partners March 2009, LASN
by Leslie McGuire, LASN Managing Editor, and Nicole Martin
Martha Schwartz, ASLA, principal of Martha Schwartz Partners (pictured), is a landscape architect who has chosen to meld modernist art with landscape. She uses the same principles that worked so well for Andre Le Notre's Jardins des Tuileries in 1664. He applied the principles of baroque art in the same way that Martha Schwartz applies the principles of synthetic cubism and 20th century art to her designs. Schwartz also brings in the sculptural quality of the Land Art movement begun in the 1960s, whose exponents, inspired by minimalism and concept art, rejected museums as settings for their work.

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#10 Dark Sky Lighting: Simple but Effective April 2008, LASN
by Peter Strasser, International Dark-Sky Association
For 25 years the International Dark-Sky Association has increased awareness of light pollution and sought ways to educate people as to its cause and remediation. Dark skies advocates writing about good lighting? How can this be? This is the commonly held misunderstanding, that those who seek dark skies view all lighting as bad. For the record, dark skies does not mean dark ground.

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