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Jan. to Oct. 28, 2015 ... 1,384,205 Page Views is a repository for all the monthly articles and news published in Landscape Architect and Specifier News (LASN) magazine, and Landscape Contractor/DBM (Design, Build, Maintain) magazine, plus all the news that appears in the LandscapeOnline Weekly newsletter, dating back more than 30 years. This feature presents the Top-10 landscape architectural-related articles, features and news that visitors to clicked on. Because the website is an archive of current and past features, articles and news, all but one of the top 10 most popular articles are from previous years.

1. Tree Irrigation: Water Where Roots Need It
August 2007, LCN
by Joseph Fortier, CID, CLIA, and Jerry Belt, Jr., CLIA,
Mojave Water Management, Las Vegas, Nev.

Tree irrigation requirements are very different than those of turfgrass, shrubs and flowing plants. Trees need deep watering, and are much better suited to drip irrigation than more shallow-rooted plants. These are facts that nursery growers know well. A basic understanding of the structure of a tree's root system is critical. Like all plants, they "breathe" oxygen from the soil through their roots. The highest oxygen content in the soil is in the first 24 inches, therefore, major feeder roots of trees are usually found in the top 18 to 24 inches of the soil. Since this area contains the most oxygen, the most active and beneficial tree roots are found here.
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2. Driveways on the Steep
March 2006, LCN
by Erik Skindrud, regional editor, and The Brick Industry Association

Bed preparation is the key step in any driveway or paving assembly. If done right, installed surfaces will be stable--even on a slope. Time and experimentation have shown that a certain profile of sand and aggregate produces stable, resilient and long-lived surfaces. Pitfalls lurk under the ground, of course. There's a well-known beach city in Southern California that spent millions of dollars for a plaza overlooking the ocean and pier. Installed about 20 years ago, the interlocking concrete paver surface is now marked by embarrassing sags and buckles. The crew that installed the pavers are probably not to blame. The problem likely results from insufficient soil work.
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3. Isamu Noguchi's Playground Designs
Sept. 2004, LASN
by Leslie McGuire, Editor

Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988) was a visionary sculptor and landscape garden designer whose innovative playgrounds and playground equipment designs are a fusion of earth sculpture and interactive play. Noguchi viewed the Earth as the original sculpture medium. He felt the ground embodied the spirit of creativity that inspired early humans, and suggested a way for them to get control of their spiritual existence. In other words, to arrange your inner landscape you must sculpt your outer landscape.
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4. Palm Lighting Particulars
April 2009, LCN
by Matthew Doyle, Assistant Editor

When lighting palms that are either painted or have a smoother trunk, one can create what Middleton describes as an "art deco" stripe bisecting the tree vertically. Particularly on Royal palms, the stripe can end in a distinct point. This is done by placing lights very close to and on opposite sides of the trunk. Moving the lights away from the tree narrows the stripe, while moving lights closer fattens it. Rotating them around a horizontal plane centered on the trunk shifts the stripe to the left or right on the trunk to adjust for various viewing perspectives.
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5. Generation Speed: Part 1: Graphics
Dec. 2008, LASN Tech Column
by Ashley Calabria, LASN Technology Editor

One of the major differences between professionals and students is in taking full advantage of new technologies. Resources are becoming more available as our dependence on computer graphics increases, but with the hectic pace of the profession, using free or new resources is often too time-consuming to locate. Students, however, find ways to get results that are nontraditional, using freebies, joining social/networking groups or by trial and error. This series of articles highlight online resources gathered from students and seen at conferences. There is no doubt that today's students have been appropriately labeled "Generation Speed."
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6. Ficus Trees: Good for Shade or Just Trouble?
June 2007 LCN
April 24, 2007, LandscapeOnline

Ficus trees are related to the common fig, with species like Ficus benjamina and Ficus microcarpa valued for dependable growth and shade. The trees, however, are notorious for damaging sidewalks, hardscapes and planters with their aggressive roots. Newspaper accounts from Florida to California recently have documented the expensive problems ficus trees bring to cities. Most trees were planted 30 years or more ago, and are now proving more than a match for concrete. All the bad publicity means that, for many landscape architects and contractors, ficus trees are now off planting lists.
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7. Quick Keys: Rendering an AutoCAD Drawing in Photoshop
September 2004, LASN
by Ashley Calabria, Technology Editor

This first of three articles presents computer skills that can help an individual or firm complete work in the most efficient way. This lesson covers the steps in transferring an AutoCAD file to Adobe Photoshop, where color and layer changes can be made more easily. A common mistake is forgetting to keep file size low, resulting in bulky files that can bog down memory. Rendering in Photoshop helps keep files compact and offers options that can spur the designer's creativity.
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8. Smothers Park & Owensboro Riverfront Redevelopment
March 2013, LASN
Landscape Architecture by EDSA

The redevelopment of the riverfront in Owensboro, Kentucky, has brought nearly $70 million in additions and improvements to the area since planning began in 2001, and more than $1 billion in new developments to the area. The latest feature is Smothers Park, a five-block area that features a custom and fully accessible playground, multiple fountains, water features and a veteran's memorial. The splash pad includes two-dozen water jets over 2,315 square feet of safety surfacing.
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9. Heritage Park Recreation Complex - Simpsonville, S.C.
March 2011, LASN
Landscape Architecture by Wood+Partners Inc.

Heritage Park in Simpsonville, S.C. is a new recreation complex and community park that blends ballfields, playgrounds and civic open spaces for public gatherings and community events. The newest addition to the Heritage Park is Charter Amphitheatre, located adjacent to three soccer fields and designed by architects Craig Gaulden & Davis of Greenville, S.C.
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10. Burj Khalifa Tower Park, Dubai, UAE
Feb. 2015, LASN
Landscape Architecture by SWA Group

The Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai was designed with the three 'petals' of the 'spider lily' Hymenocallis in mind. The park design reiterates that design focus, with intricate and beautiful patterning found in Middle Eastern art, architecture and gardens. Indigenous plants and local stone paving are woven into three complex geometric patterns reminiscent of spider lilies and the formal gardens spread throughout the Persian Gulf. Each of the three roundabouts and stylized landscapes serves one of the tower's three functions: residential living, office space and the hotel.
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10. American Precast Concrete

Top 10 Association Searches
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APLD - Association of Professional Landscape Designers
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ACI - American Concrete Institute
ACP - Association of Compost Producers
ASIC - American Society of Irrigation Consultants
BFGA - Banner, Flag & Graphics
APA - American Planning Association

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10. Plant Materials / Trees

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