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Toro Celebrates 50 Years of Underground Irrigation History

Though many things have changed over the last five decades, one thing has remained the same: The Toro Company's dedication to provide customers with high quality, innovative solutions.
Courtesy of The Toro Company

Fifty years ago, The Toro Company purchased a Riverside, California-based company, called Moist O'Matic, which manufactured plastic irrigation products. That purchase proved a wise investment in the underground irrigation business. Today the company is one of the leading manufacturers of irrigation products around the world.

It all started in 1962 when Moist O'Matic had made revolutionary advancements in the use of plastics and new designs to make water-efficient sprinklers, valves and control systems.

Throughout the next several decades, the company made multiple acquisitions to enter new markets and product categories, and bolster its position in the industry. This included: Hardie(R) Irrigation (1996); EICON Industrial Controls (2001); R&D Engineering, a leading manufacturing of rain sensor devices (2003); Rain Master(R) (2007); and Turf Guard(R) (2008).

Today, the company owns over 225 irrigation patents and manufactures a complete line of irrigation solutions including sprays, nozzles, rotors, valves, controllers, sensors, software, services and more. Through its distribution network, those solutions are delivered to homeowners, sports fields, municipalities, golf courses and agricultural growers around the world.

''Our 50 years in irrigation is something to be very proud of,'' said Phil Burkart, vice president and general manager for Irrigation Business. ''We are withstanding the test of time as well as pushing ourselves daily to be solution providers through innovation, constantly challenging ourselves to eliminate waste and focus on quality, while growing and enhancing our customer relationships.''

To take advantage of special offers in celebration of 50 years in irrigation go to For more information about the company and its history, visit For more information on its turf and landscape maintenance and irrigation solutions, visit

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