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Toro Invited to White House
Attends Water Summit


On the United Nations World Water Day 2016, representatives from the Toro Company participated in a national event to help promote water sustainability issues.

In recognition of the Toro Company's commitment to supporting water sustainability, company representatives were invited to the nation's capital to participate in the White House Water Summit on March 22, the United Nations World Water Day 2016.

"It is gratifying whenever our highly efficient water-saving irrigation innovations are recognized, and it is certainly an honor to have been invited to attend the White House Water Summit to help bring attention to important water sustainability issues and ongoing efforts to protect this vital resource," said Michael Hoffman, Toro's chairman and chief executive officer.

A statement released by the company declared that having started in the irrigation business in 1923, Toro has maintained its commitment to developing innovative irrigation solutions to help care for golf courses, sports fields, public green spaces, agricultural fields, and commercial and residential properties.

Some of the examples listed by the company that show its work in the last category include:
Recognition by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the 2015 WaterSense® Partner of the Year for contributions in product innovations to improve water efficiency. Toro was the first large irrigation product manufacturer to receive the honor.

The partnership, since 2014, with the Wyland Foundation® to raise awareness on the importance of efficient water use through community events, tradeshows and school outreach - including the National Mayor's Challenge, where cities and residents compete for most "water wise."

The company's patented and award-winning Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles that retrofit existing irrigation systems and apply water more efficiently to deliver up to 30% savings in outdoor water use; their award-winning EVOLUTION® irrigation controller that enables wireless connectivity to weather sensors and soil moisture sensors to automatically adjust irrigation system runtimes based on weather and soil conditions; and award-winning Precision(TM) Soil Sensor that helps homeowners maximize water use efficiency by preventing scheduled irrigation cycles from running when water is not needed.

The expansion of the program, originally developed and funded by Western Municipal Water District and Riverside Public Utilities in 2010, to include 28 California water agencies serving over 75 different communities. With over 1.2 million Toro Precision Series Spray Nozzles redeemed so far, water agencies estimate that the potential to save water exceeds 7.8 billion gallons over a five-year period.

"The Water Zone" weekly radio show in Southern California that addresses the state's drought situation, provides an informational platform for water agencies, and educates listeners on products and practices to help improve outdoor water use efficiency.

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