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Tree Experts Learn From Storms' Aftermath

Tree experts are learning a thing or two as they survey damage from this year's hurricane season in Florida.

Palms-which are native to the region-did quite well, with most surviving the storms. Other non-native species-like Australian pines and carrotwood trees-fell in large numbers.

The information was gathered by the city of Cape Coral in Lee County, which will share the data with the University of Florida, which is planning a more detailed survey of the southwestern portion of the state.

The university has already published several pamphlets that can help property owners and landscape workers prepare for hurricane-strength storms. One is titled "How to Minimize Wind Damage in the South Florida Garden" and includes advice on choosing wind-resistant species and on pruning trees to minimize wind damage.

The document is available at

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July 21, 2019, 8:48 am PDT

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