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Trees for Troops

The NCTA, a trade association that represents the Christmas tree industry, shed light on their charitable endeavor, Trees for Troops.
Photo credit: National Christmas Tree Association

The National Christmas Tree Association, an organization that represents the Christmas tree industry, founded their charitable organization, the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation in 2005.

Since launching the non-profit organization, the group also began the Trees for Troops program, which provides trees to armed forces members and their families in the U.S. and stationed overseas.

Although American Christmas tree growers donate many of the trees straight from the farms, people can also participate in this holiday festivity by purchasing a tree at one of the designated farms or lots.

FedEx, an in-kind sponsor, then ships the trees to over 60 bases in the U.S. and overseas locations, where the military distributes the trees. Dustin McKissen, executive director of the National Christmas Tree Association said, "FedEx is a very important part of the program, they have been with us since the beginning. We have trees going to Afghanistan and other locations in the Middle East and we really could not do what we do without them. They provide all of the shipping and logistics for the trees."

This year over 50 farms and lots, together with the American public donated nearly 17,000 trees to every branch of the armed services.

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