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Trees Sprout in New Jersey County

The number of trees for the two cities is double what Alexander McCartney initially expected. An increased budget and the two cities' eagerness for the program allowed the state to increase the number of trees to the area.


About 2,300 trees will sprout in Millville and Vineland, New Jersey. The New Jersey state Department of Forestry's Cool Cities program, will plant 1,100 trees in Center City, and 1,200 trees in Vineland in October and November. Department forester Alexander McCartney kicked off the program by planting a 10-foot hedge maple tree near 3rd and Broad streets.

McCartney expects private contractors to plant between 85 and 150 trees a day. The state will place the trees in targeted areas, and could add more in later years.

The state provides the trees and plants them. The cities agreed to maintain the trees. Each tree costs between $500 and $700, not including removal of concrete, McCartney said. The presence of trees beautifies the neighborhood, absorbs heat during the summer, reduces energy use and has been found to reduce crime, Nicke said. The program, in its fifth year, has planted 18,000 trees in the state.

Source: Joel Landau,

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June 18, 2019, 8:55 pm PDT

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