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Turn Fall into a Windfall with Tree Trunk Injections

Tree trunk injection treatments act quickly and greatly limit environmental exposure at the time of injection. Now is the ideal time to control destructive pests, combat nutrient deficiencies and cure tree diseases.
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Don't let your revenue come down with the leaves! September until the end of October is the perfect time to treat your clients' trees to protect against Emerald Ash Borer, Pine Bark Beetles, nutrient deficiencies and fungal diseases via trunk injections.

Fall tree trunk injections are crucial to protecting trees against many of the destructive tree insects and diseases wreaking havoc across the country, as well as nutrient deficiencies. Emerald Ash Borer larvae cause the most damage to ash trees from August to October, when they are most active and voracious. These pests have destroyed nearly 30 million ash trees to date in the United States and Canada.

Pine Bark Beetles have multiple generations and can kill a tree within weeks. In just one year, the Southern Pine Beetle, a bark beetle smaller than a grain of rice, killed 14,000 acres of pines in New Jersey. Fungal diseases, chlorosis and nutrient deficiencies can also be treated by injection in the fall before trees go dormant.

Fall's cool, wet weather is ideal for tree trunk injections since it results in optimal treatment uptake. Because the formulation is injected directly into a tree's vascular system, it can be protected within two weeks and environmental exposure at injection is greatly limited. Unlike bark spraying and soil drenching, nothing is released into the air or soil during treatment when tree trunk injections are used.

The active ingredient keeps working through the tree's vascular system into the spring, providing continued protection. There is even one injectible treatment available that protects trees against insects for up to two years and can stop damage even if a tree is currently under attack.

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