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TURTLETURF Promises Low Maintenance

WILDOMAR, Calif. - Quality Turf is calling its newest turf variety, TURTLETURF, a "major breakthrough." A member of the Koeleria family, TURTLETURF was originated in Europe, and is creating quite a buzz in the United States, having been featured on ABC Nightly News and in newspapers, trade journals and newsletters across the country.

As property owners seek a refuge from the maintenance of turf, one of the largest growing sectors of the green industry is the lawn maintenance sector. Quality says TURTLETURF provides the opportunity for higher profits, since it is so low-maintenance.

TURTLETURF is a prairie grass that can survive under difficult conditions; it is non-invasive, so it stays were you put it; it offers excellent cold tolerance, and requires only 1#N/1000 square feet per year; in most areas the mowing cycle is once every 3 to 6 weeks, and the grass features an annual growth rate of 8 inches per year. TURTLETURF's water consumption, as reported by the University of California Riverside, is less than tall fescue, which makes it lower than any other cool season grass.

TURTLETURF is available via authorized dealers/sod producers. For more information, contact Quality Turf at (800) 721-4800 or visit

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October 17, 2019, 9:11 am PDT

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