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Two Upcoming Dark-Sky Events

The International Dark-Sky Association's (IDA) annual awards in lighting design are presented each year at their annual meeting. The judging criteria is quality lighting that controls glare, uses appropriate lighting levels, is energy efficient, minimizes obtrusive light, displays good nighttime ambiance and has minimal impact on artificial sky glow. Pictured is sidewalk lighting at Saint Mary's Medical Center in Reno, Nev. The center was one of two IDA 2006 first-place co-winners. The lighting designer was Syska Hennessy Group, headquartered in New York City.

Each year the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) meets in Tucson, Ariz. for its annual get-together. Because the IDA embraces the ever-increasing transition toward sustainable planning and development, this year's 19th annual meeting is dubbed "Energy Savings, Sustainability and Urban Planning."

The meeting takes place March 4-6 at the Doubletree Hotel at Reid Park in Tucson.

Because most of the population lives in or near cities and other urban centers, a key component of any urban development is planning for lighting. The IDA promises you'll discover new tools in lighting design for a sustainable future, and how sustainability relates to dark skies.

A second event is "The Night: Why Dark Hours Are So Important," February 21-22 at the Carnegie Institution. This conference is part of IDA's Night Symposium series, dedicated to education about light pollution.

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