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U. of Missouri Takes Action Against Invasive Tree
Nine Callery Pear Trees to be Removed

U. of Missouri Takes Action Against Invasive Tree

The Callery pear tree is native to both China and Vietnam and is more commonly known in the U.S. for its cultivar, "Bradford." According to the Wikipedia page on the matter, numerous cultivars of Callery pear are offered commercially and are subsequently used as ornamental trees across the nation.

The Mizzou Botanic Gardens, located on the University of Missouri's campus in Columbia, Mo., is taking a proactive approach against the spread of invasive pests by removing a total of nine Callery pear trees.

Consistent with the news article on, (the website for the mid-Missouri National Public Radio station), the university had actually intentionally planted the Callery pear trees there many years ago.

In a statement found on, and transposed directly into this article, director, Pete Millier, had this to say, "We know that some of the plants that we have introduced... are invasive and they displace natives and the plants that nature has designed to be a part of our ecosystem."

Millier goes on to state that he hopes the example being set by the university of removing beautiful, yet invasive, plants will influence other institutions around the nation to do likewise.

The decision to remove the trees coincides with the university's "Impact of Invasive Plants on Missouri's Ecology and Economy" event, which aims to raise awareness of the harmful effects of invasive plants.

To read the original article where this information was sourced, visit the kbia website by clicking HERE.

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October 16, 2019, 1:39 pm PDT

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