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Uni. of Vermont Stormwater Infrastructure Study
Statewide Survey Given to Residents and Property Owners

Uni. of Vermont Stormwater Infrastructure Study

This picture is from August 2011 and shows the historic and catastrophic flooding of Tropical Storm Irene. reports that extreme weather is likely to occur more frequently worldwide.
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In 2015, the University of Vermont administered a statewide survey asking residents and landlords if they were more likely to implement green stormwater infrastructure practices if they have previously experienced flooding or erosion on their properties or around their neighborhoods.

The results from this survey were cumulated and utilized in a study, titled "From the household to watershed: A cross-scale analysis of residential intention to adopt green stormwater infrastructure," that was published by Sarah Coleman, Stephanie Hurley, Donna Rizzo, Christopher Koliba and Asim Zia from the University of Vermont.

Of the respondents, the survey found that 54% of people experienced at least one flooding, erosion, washout or stormwater runoff problem in their area. Furthermore, 35.3% of those respondents perceived stormwater and flooding problems to be a neighborhood problem.

The main takeaway from the survey is that 65% of participants had either already adopted, or intended to adopt, one of the seven green stormwater infrastructure practices identified.

Christopher Koliba, professor in the Department of Community Development and Applied Economics, was quoted in the University of Vermont's news article as having said, "The research suggests that as extreme events like floods increase, more and more households will be interested in implementing stormwater management practices."

Here is a link to the entire study published on

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