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UC Davis to Begin La Rue Road Bridge
Designed by Christina De Martini Reyes

UC Davis to Begin La Rue Road Bridge

The redesign for the La Rue bridge, found in UC Davis's southern area of campus, is the brainchild of the university's landscape architect Christina De Martini Reyes, who used the arching style of another old bridge found on the campus to influence her new concept.

In order to address the growing number of students and traffic the University of California Davis has been receiving over the past few decades, the campus is planning to completely rebuild a nearly 70-year-old bridge that spans the campus's Arboretum Waterway.

One interesting detail about the project can be observed in how the new bridge will be constructed - one half at a time. After the waterway below is dammed, the west side of the new bridge will be put up first, while the entire existing bridge is closed. Then, the existing bridge will be demolished, and traffic will squeeze onto the newly built half bridge during the construction of the second half.

UC Davis to Begin La Rue Road Bridge

The design detail for the new bridge.

UC Davis to Begin La Rue Road Bridge

This is the current old bridge that spans Arboretum Waterway. It was erected nearly in 1950 and only measures 32 feet wide and has no bike lanes.

Features incorporated into the new bridge will consist of: 6-foot-wide sidewalks on both sides, 8-foot-wide bike lanes on both sides, arched embellishments, two 12-foot-wide traffic lanes, barriers between the bike lanes and sidewalks, resurfacing of the paths adjacent to the waterway (paths underneath the bridge), two sets of stairs as well as two ADA compliant ramps.

The $12.7 million project will begin later this month and is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2020, taking about 14 months. The UC Davis news report ( detailing the matter states that the university will pay about $2 million for the new bridge, with the remaining funding coming from the Federal Highway Administration.
All photo credits: UC Davis.

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