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University of Arizona Landscape Architecture School Offers Aid to Katrina Victims

Through the American Society of Landscape Architecture (ASLA), Ron Stoltz, director of University of Arizona (UA) Landscape Architecture, is leading an effort to help rebuild areas damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

The massive storm that tore through Louisiana and Mississippi destroyed many small cities that were already struggling financially before the storm hit.

Many of these cities have very little access to professional help and resources to help them rebuild. Stoltz said that he would like to see UA and other schools adopt communities and help rebuild their public spaces.

Cornell University, Iowa State, Mississippi State and the State University of New York at Syracuse have all expressed interest in the adoption program.

As communities become politically and administratively stable, Stolz proposes that graduate students come into the area to assist with the planning and design of parks, open spaces, schools, senior centers, and other public and environmental spaces.

"We could fly a faculty member and several students to the Gulf Coast to gather site/context data and the important design program information from local officials and get to know the people in that community," said Stoltz. "The idea is to continue to work with that jurisdiction and develop a relationship within the means of each academic program."

Source: Arizona Daily Wildcat

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June 18, 2019, 6:43 pm PDT

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