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University of Cornell's Admission Qualifications is Up In the past year, the University of Cornell has seen an increase in applications for the Landscape Architecture graduate program; with approximately 87 applicants, the University accepts about 12 of those students. Although over the past two years there has been a slight decrease in Landscape Architect undergraduate students, the quality of the applicants has increased, with SAT scores and the overall GPA being in a higher pool. Professor of Landscape Architecture and former Chair, Peter Trowbridge, credits this to the more rigorous admission standards and the required portfolios. "We are quite happy with our applicants," Trowbridge states. "The Landscape Architect practice is really booming; we've gotten more job offers from firms than we have students to fill them." He adds, "I think there's a big need for Landscape Architects right now." Compared to other departments in the University, the quality of applicants to the Landscape Architecture program ranked in the top one-third.

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June 27, 2019, 1:59 am PDT

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