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Water Worries

Landscape Executives Urge President to Resolve CA Water Problems


Recently, President and CEO Richard Heckmann of U.S. Filter Corporation and more than twenty Southern California executives--including Stuart J. Sperber, Vice President, Director and COO of the Nursery Division in Environmental Industries, Inc.; Chairman of the Board Richard Rogers of Pacific Earth Resources; Miles R. Rosedale, President of Monrovia Nursery Company; Jurgen Gramckow, Managing Partner of Southland Sod Farms; and President and CEO Richard Hunter of Hunter Industries--signed a letter addressed to President Clinton and members of Congress strongly urging resolution to California's water problems in Northern California with a conclusion to the CALFED process--a joint State-Federal program to reorganize water distribution.

"We write to urge that the Federal government support efforts by United States Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt and Governor Pete Wilson to reach agreement on a preferred CALFED alternative for the restoration of the Northern California Bay-Delta, in a manner that would secure clean water and supply reliability for Southern California," wrote the executives.

The executives believe it is vital for Southern California that the CALFED program include water storage and water quality components to ensure that its supplies meet Environmental Protection Agency safe drinking water standards with adequate supply reliability. Without these two elements-- water conservation, the environment, and Southern California's economic vitality may be compromised.

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October 23, 2019, 10:17 pm PDT

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