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Update to ICE Raid In Ohio
Some Workers Released, Including Children


Approximately 114 arrests were made after ICE monitored an Ohio-based company for signs of hiring workers unauthorized to work in the United States.

An ICE raid on two Corso's Flower & Garden Center locations in Ohio yielded multiple arrests. Some of those detained have been released, according to NPR.

The number of agents who participated in the raid is now being reported as more than 100, instead of the almost 200 that was previously reported.

The operation was part of an eight-month investigation conducted by ICE. They entered the location with a list of names to be arrested on suspicion of tax evasion and identity theft.

In an interview with NPR, ICE spokesperson Khaalid Walls said some of the detainees were released for "humanitarian reasons." The release came following reports from activists via social media that children were stranded at daycares, with babysitters and schools in the surrounding area.

NPR is also reporting that at least four minors, between 16 and 17 years old, were held at the detention center for at least 12 hours. They are believed to be citizens, who were born in the United States but worked at Corso's with their parents.

So far only 70 workers have been identified in the days following the raid.

ICE began the investigation after finding a woman running a document forgery business by the U.S. / Mexico border. In October 2017, they began looking into suspicious documents found at Corso's, including social security numbers of deceased people.

The investigation into whether or not the owner knew the workers were unauthorized is still on going.

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