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Urban Bike Infrastructure Celebrated
Projects Selected from Nine Countries

Urban Bike Infrastructure Celebrated

Auckland's inner-city cycle loop. The offramp is painted a bright pink to signal an area for pedestrians and cyclists that is differentiated from the surrounding highway network. Photo credit: Monk Mackenzie

The 2nd edition of the Bicycle Architecture Biennale (BAB) launched on June 17 in Amsterdam. The BAB is a showcase of urban designs that facilitate bicycle travel in communities around the world.

A total of fifteen projects - from nine countries - form the biennale. Projects were selected on their ability to demonstrate how design solutions can go beyond functional transportation, and also lead to healthier lifestyles, more inclusive communities, a cleaner environment or a more sustainable economy. Organizers hope it will inspire new ways of thinking about how to design cities for the future.

The BAB is run by BYCS, an Amsterdam-based program that works internationally to promote cycling progress in urban areas. It developed the BAB to strengthen its mission, which calls for half of all city trips to be by bike by 2030. BYCS promotes the idea that cities that put cycling at the heart of urban design can influence social, economic and environmental betterment of cities.

The projects in the BAB are comprised of designs selected from a global open call application. Eleven of the chosen projects are fully constructed designs, and four are design concepts or plans.

The full list of projects selected for the 2019 BAB are as follows:
• Cycling and Pedestrian Connection by Batlle i Roig (Barcelona, Spain)
• Coffee & Bikes by BureauVanEig/Biq (Delft, the Netherlands)
• Curtin Bike Hub by Coniglio Ainsworth Architects (Perth, Australia)
• Xiamen Bicycle Skyway by Dissing+Weitling (Xiamen, China)
• Cycling through water by Visit Limburg, LensA?Ass Architects (Limburg, Belgium)
• Biggest Bicycle Parking in the World by Ector Hoogstad Architects (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
• Cycling Through the Trees by BuroLandschap (Limburg, Belgium)
• Nelson St. Cycleway by Monk Mackenzie, LandLAB, GHD (Auckland, New Zealand)
• Ölhafen Bridge by Schneider+Schumacher (Raunheim, Germany)
• Upside Down Bridge by Nooyoon (New York)
• NA,rreport Station by COBE and Gottlieb Paludan Architects, Sweco (Copenhagen, Denmark)
• RheinRing by SPADE (Cologne, Germany)
• adbahn Berlin by Paper Planes (Berlin, Germany)
• Bike Parking Canopy by NL Architects (The Hague, The Netherlands)
• Melkwegbridge by NEXT Architects (Purmerend, The Netherlands)

All projects are available to view in the online gallery at

For more information on the BAB, click HERE.

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