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Urban Edge Studio Honored by ASLA

The design of a pocket park in Mount Pleasant, S.C. earned Urban Edge Studio a Merit Award at the ASLA tri-state awards, one of two awards received by the firm.
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Urban Edge Studio of South Carolina-based Seamon Whiteside + Associates received two awards at the 2011 tri-state (SC, NC, GA) American Society of Landscape Architects Awards. 

Urban Edge Studio received an honor award in the Planning and Analysis category for the master plan of the 360-acre Nebo Settlement located in Awendaw, S.C.  This project was designed to create a Lowcountry community that fits within the rural, agricultural character that defines this small town. 

To create the community, complete with playgrounds, wildlife observation areas, municipal sites, main street, a farmer’s market, community stores, and more, the design team conducted a series of public workshops to open a line of communication between UES and the local citizens.  Once the village’s plan was in place, it was executed using a form-based code. 

Urban Edge Studio received a merit award in the General Design category for their work on the Town of Mount Pleasant’s (South Carolina) Pocket Park.  The small park was designed to promote sustainability, provide a venue for public art and to tell the history of the town. The Pocket Park is a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors in an urban setting.

Designed with sustainable practices, the park also educates the public on how to be “green”; displays art with three-dimensional pedestals and shows the history of Mount Pleasant through a timeline in a ribbon of concrete. The park is located along Coleman Boulevard at Moultrie Middle School.

Honor Awards are presented where jurors recognize overall excellence and outstanding design. In 2011, five honor awards were awarded during the American Society of Landscape Architects Tri-State Awards. 

Merit Awards are presented to any submitted entry where jurors recognize superior effort. In 2011, eight honor awards were awarded during the American Society of Landscape Architects Tri-State Awards. 

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