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Urban Trees Have an Impact on Weather
Individual Trees Help Moderate Wind Speeds


In urban and suburban settings, trees can help reduce wind speed and wind pressure, increasing pedestrian comfort and reducing energy costs for surrounding buildings.

A study from the University of British Columbia found that even a single urban tree could help moderate wind speeds and wind pressure.

Using remote-sensing laser technology, the researchers created a computer model of a neighborhood in Vancouver, including every tree, plant and building. They then ran simulations to see what would happen to airflow and heat patterns with no trees, bare trees, and full leaf trees.

Removal of all trees could double the wind speed of an area, making it difficult to walk in, and it can increase wind pressure, thereby driving up energy consumption.

Bare trees can moderate airflow and wind pressure as effectively as evergreens, the study found.

The researchers compared their simulations against measured wind data collected over the last eight years from the modeled neighborhood.

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