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UTA Group Designs in Africa
Trip to Tanzania

UTA Group Designs in Africa

The UTA faculty and staff worked on several projects in Tanzania. All of the students worked on a project with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) addressing water and sanitation in rural Africa.

In June two University of Texas, Arlington faculty led a study abroad to Kenya and Tanzania, East Africa - Professor Diane Jones Allen, Director of Landscape Architecture in the College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs (CAPPA) and Professor Michael Zaretsky from the College of Engineering. They brought seven UTA students, three of whom are in the Landscape Architecture department, to work with communities in rural Tanzania. They worked with a Cincinnati-based non-profit calledA Village Life Outreach Project with which Professor Zaretsky has been connected with since 2008.

According to a news story from UTA, Professors Allen and Zaretsky met with the students for three weeks before the trip, during which students researched the culture and context of East Africa, Tanzania and the Rorya District of Tanzania. Projects were developed and defined before traveling so that the time spent in Africa would be productive.

The three landscape architecture students worked with Professor Allen to create a community engagement event in the village of Roche, Tanzania and develop a landscape design for the Roche Health Center. They began by holding an event for members of the community in which they co-created drawings that highlighted their hopes for a garden. The students' final landscape design was presented to the Roche community on their last day in Tanzania.

The students will be exhibiting their work in the UTA University Center Gallery for two weeks beginning July 27.

To read the full news story on the CAPPA website, click HERE

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