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Victory For Texas Association

The Texas Turf Irrigation Association was instrumental is the passage of a bill mandating that a license be required to install irrigation systems.

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The Texas Turf Irrigation Association (TTIA) is touting a legislative victory with the passage and subsequent signing into law of HB2507, legislation that makes it a class C misdemeanor for an individual to install an irrigation system without a license.

The idea for this bill was born at the January TTIA meeting of the board of trustees, and board and staff members worked quickly to give the idea wings. What many irrigators communicate to TTIA is that TCEQ rules tend to prosecute licensed irrigators while the unlicensed irrigation contractor goes unpunished. Many municipal and county judges across the state will not prosecute unlicensed installers because there is no clear punishment for the offense. TTIA is proud to let its members know that HB 2507 is the direct result of their TTIA representatives working on behalf of its member irrigators across the state, to help give the offense of practicing irrigation without a license the criminality it deserves.

As a class C misdemeanor, practicing irrigation without a license becomes a crime. A ticketable, trackable, legally binding offense in the eyes of the law. TTIA takes very seriously the longevity and success of its members.

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December 10, 2019, 7:57 pm PDT

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