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Walkable Streets Report
Lists Top Walkable Urban Communities

Walkable Streets Report

This report indicates that the highest-ranked walkable urban metros are models for the future development patterns of many U.S. cities.

Foot Traffic Ahead 2019, a data report documenting pedestrian navigation on city streets, was released by the George Washington University School of Business, in partnership with Smart Growth America / LOCUS, Cushman & Wakefield, and Yardi Matrix. The report identified 761 significantly walkable urban places (WalkUPs) in the country's 30 largest metro areas.

To get a sense of their impact, and the level of walkable urbanism in each city, Foot Traffic Ahead examines the share of total retail, office, and multifamily housing space located in WalkUPs and then ranks the cities. The top six metro areas with the most walkable urban places are New York City, Denver, Boston, Washington, DC, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Chicago, in that order.

Foot Traffic Ahead shows that there is an unmet demand for more walkable places. According to the report, meeting the demand for WalkUPs would create a resilient economic foundation for the U.S.

To download the report, click HERE.

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