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This issue of The Landscape Architect and Specifier News focuses on the use of water. While water conservation is a pressing issue, water is sometimes a sought after commodity in a landscape. Here are a few suppliers who offer interesting solutions to water use needs.

by Kay Tiller
Associate Editor

A newly created natural stream--over two miles in length--which meanders through the lots of the River Run development. Brown trout now live and spawn within view of the homes.

Inter-Fluve, Inc.


When most landscape architects think about water features, they envision fountains, water jets and small streams with recirculating water pumps. But, with the help of a company in Bozeman, Montana, the whole train of thought about these desired features can be changed.

Inter-Fluve, Inc. builds rivers. . .and streams. . . and trout ponds for some very influential developers, and they can do the very same thing for landscape architects who find places in new developments where a running stream or trout pond would be “just the thing!”

“We actually build streams from scratch when necessary,” Dale Muller, a hydrologist who is one of the principals of the firm, said in a recent interview. The other principals are Gregory Koonce and Joseph Urbani, fisheries biologists, and Robert O’Brien, fluvial geomorphologist. Their associates include an entomologist and a wildlife biologist.

In explaining the work of Inter-Fluve, Dale Miller said, “We transform degraded or marginal aquatic environments into aesthetically pleasing habitats that benefit fish and wildlife, as well as people. Because we work closely with physical and biological processes, our work is normally indistinguishable from natural aquatic systems.”

This natural look and the fact that fish, waterfowl and other wildlife cannot distinguish an Inter-Fluve project from any other natural stream probably is the reason Rod & Reel Magazine said of the company, “Inter-Fluve is the largest legitimate trout stream repair enterprise in America.”

One example of the way the company increased the marketability of a residential development is in Idaho where they created over two miles of new trout streams as an unusual amenity within a high-quality residential development, River Run, on the Boise River.

In a letter from Peter S. O’Neill, General Partner and Project Manager for the River Run Development Company, in which he highly recommended the firm, the details of the work they did were set out.

O’Neill said, “This work included the rehabilitation of existing water amenities to improve water quality, the rehabilitation of an existing stream into a trout-spawning and holding stream, the creation of an altogether new trout stream and the creation of trout habitat and spawning areas in a flood relief channel parallel to the Boise River.”

In the Spring Meadows Development, also in Idaho, the firm relocated an existing stream to flow within a residential community, and in Minnesota, they developed habitat improvement and water management designs for a country retreat near the Canadian border.

The firm has done work for clients from Connecticut to New Mexico, from Washington to Colorado, and from Montana and Idaho to New Jersey.

The firm was called in by Lakeharbor Partners to preserve the fishing area that adjoined their multi-use project. In this case, the firm worked with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to provide a trophy bass pond as a central amenity for the development.

The work of Inter-Fluve, Inc. opens up many additional “water feature” possibilities for the creative landscape architect!

A waterfall has a profound effect on the human psyche. It's almost impossible to sit quietly watching a waterfall and not feet troubles and worries melt away in the serenity of the moment. (Your Koi will love the mild splash too.)

Koiscapes by KINGKOI

For centuries, Japanese emperors and shoguns have had their own quiet spot for meditation and losing touch with their troubled world.

Koi Ponds, with their serene natural beauty, have become the favorites of captains of industry as well.

Visitors often sit for hours, recharging their senses in the tranquility of Koi.

But until now, a Koi Pond meant hours of maintenance. The sophisticated elegance of a clear, gently-swirling pond stocked with lovely fish wasn’t possible unless the owner or a servant vacuumed, cleaned,-and filtered several times a week.


KINGKOI of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, gives you a brilliant system, with a choice of more than 100 designs and styles. Each one uses the new KINGKOI low-maintenance technology so you can enjoy the pond as you should.

State-of-the-art automatic filtration and low-maintenance appointments assure you of a lifetime of pleasure. The shape creates a slight spinning motion within the waters, swirling away waste and by-products through the drain; a silent, concealed heavy-duty two-stage filter removes them.

Your Koi fish stay healthy and robust because their environment is controlled for maximum growth and well-being. Your exotic fish will love it as much as you do.

The KINGKOI system has 3 basic configurations which give the landscape architect unlimited design possibilities. All designs are engineered to be self-cleaning, eliminating tedious and time consuming routine maintenance, such as vacuuming.

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