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Water Soluble Powder, Botanical Azadirachtin

Unlike traditional azadirachtin products, by mixing AzaSol with water at the time of application, the solubility allows for superior flow, absorption and utilization by plants. Because it's biologically-based, it can be applied the day of harvest. - Courtesy of Arborjet

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PITTSBURGH--Attendees at this year's Tree Care Industry Expo have a new tool in their pest management arsenal. Arborjet introduced AzaSol, a water soluble powdered azadirachtin product developed for superior biologically-based insect control.

AzaSol is manufactured with a patented process resulting in the highest potency, powdered azadirachtin product that is also solvent-free and shelf-stable for more than two years. The 6 percent solution offers the highest concentration available on the market.

The product is intended for use on outdoor plants, food crops, mushroom houses, plants grown indoors or in greenhouses, shade cloth, interiorscapes and nurseries; it can be applied via soil drench, chemigation, injection or spray.

''AzaSol will change the way the industry looks at azadirachtin products,'' said Russ Davis, Chief Operating Officer of Arborjet. ''It's great news for landscapers, fruit growers and nursery care professionals who until now have struggled with the stability of azadirachtin products. Since AzaSol is the first powder-based water soluble product, it not only enables us to overcome this issue but also offers the highest concentrated product available at a very competitive price.''

- Courtesy of Arborjet

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December 8, 2019, 7:42 am PDT

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