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Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree
Opt for Greener Alternatives


Old Christmas trees can be recycled into mulch or turned into animal habitats instead of being thrown in the trash.

Horticulture experts are encouraging people to recycle their Christmas trees instead of tossing them in the trash.

Cities across America are offering free Christmas tree recycling programs where the trees will be turned into mulch and used for landscaping projects.

An environmental facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, recycles Christmas trees as well as wreaths and garland. At some locations, residents in Chicago can take home free mulch after recycling their trees.

There is also the option to replant the Christmas tree if the roots are still attached.

At Fort Macon in North Carolina, the trees are placed on the beach and trap sand, building into sand dunes to prevent erosion. This method has also been used on beaches affected by hurricanes to restore sand dunes that were destroyed during storms.

US parks and wildlife collect old Christmas trees and drop the trees into lakes and other bodies of water to create artificial reefs for fish.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recommends turning an old Christmas tree into a backyard habitat for wildlife. Trees adorned with popcorn garlands and orange slices can attract birds and other animals.

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