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Weed Watch 2018
Top 10 Cities Predicted to Have Lawn Diseases This Season


The NALP has released a list of the top 10 cities that can be affected by weeds and lawn diseases in 2018. Lawn grubs, pictured above, are common and can cause brown spots on lawns. They are difficult to treat and can be found in many different regions.

To commemorate April, which is National Lawn Care month, the NALP has put out a list of the cities that may be the most impacted by weed growth and lawn diseases in the spring and summer.

The association wants to reiterate the importance of lawn health, and that weeds are not only unsightly but possibly an indication of an unhealthy lawn.

The NALP complied the list using data from customer concerns between August and April, and then compared it with weather predictions from The National Weather Service.

The top 10 cities predicted to have lawn diseases and weeds this season are:

1. Atlanta - Several species of weeds have flourished in the hot and humid temperatures of Atlanta. Nimbleweed, thistle and dollar spot are commonly found in the lawns of Atlanta. Temperatures are predicted to be above average for the summer, giving dollar spot, a lawn disease causing tan and brown patches, good conditions to spread.
2. Orlando, Florida - Crabgrass can thrive in heat, and Florida has an abundance to offer. Crabgrass will most likely become a problem due to the predicted rainfall and high soil moisture and it is expected to flourish.
3. Cleveland - Two fungal diseases: dollar spot and red thread are commonly found here. Weather predictions are anticipating above average temperatures and high levels of rain, which creates conditions for the weeds to thrive.
4. Philadelphia - Spotted surge and crabgrass are frequently found in lawns around this city. Weather conditions don't help that much because snowfall and rain can nurture the growth of weeds.
5. Boston - Like Cleveland, this region might also be hit by dollar spot and red thread. Rising temperatures will only make lawn infestations intensify in the coming months.
6. Detroit - Imbalances in soil and black medic are common. The projected temperatures are set to make black medic and other weeds problematic.
7. Wichita, Kansas - Dandelions are common, as are white grubs, which can destroy lawns. Grubs will flourish in the hot temperatures and ruin the roots of grass.
8. Seattle - The Pacific Northwest has been especially cold and wet this year, which are the perfect conditions for moss. Moss can strip nutrients away from grass, and lawns in this region typically suffer from drainage problems.
9. Salt Lake City - The warm temperatures can cause crabgrass and spotted spurge to flourish, but the low amount of rain will limit the water supply they need to thrive.
10. Minneapolis - Crabgrass and spotted spurge are common in this area, but will most likely not be as troublesome. Temperatures will likely stifle weeds ability to grow, but they will still be present.

Remember to alert customers to any abnormalities noticed in their lawns and suggest a plan of action.

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