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Welcome to 2017!
LASN January 2017 Commentary

George Schmok, Publisher


Welcome to 2017! This is certainly going to be an interesting year. Definitely a year of change. To start with you may have noticed a few things have changed with LASN, like a new cover, and inside a new layout with more condensed and easier to read articles and more news affecting your professional endeavors.

We were sitting around after the elections, discussing how things are going to be changing in '17, and the artists started coming up with cool ideas to refresh the look and feel of the magazines and the editors jumped on board, working to make the content even more topical to the landscape architect and specification professional. We hope you notice the changes and like what you see and read . . .

That's not all though, as the web tech jumped in and thought we should upgrade LandscapeOnline as well. When you finish reading through this issue, you should take a look at The entire website has been renovated. To start with, we are now posting topical news and research several times each day and as breaking news occurs. At the same time, the Product Search Engine has also been completely renovated to better showcase the 10,000 products and 500+ vendors advertising their wares on the site.

Yep, change seems to be the theme of 2017 and we at LASN are working hard to keep up and keep you up to speed as we experience a push for domestic growth with a new administration. As such, LASN has allocated a member of the editorial staff to report on the economy and to bring you information on things like housing starts, development trends, interest rates and regional growth opportunities. We've also another editorialite working with associations as they navigate new legislation and environmental issues, and yet another editor assigned to the academic world to bring you the latest, greatest and trending research aimed at bettering the profession.

So, welcome to 2017, a year of change, change that has already begun and change that is yet to come. We look forward to being there with you and providing you with the tools to navigate the changing tides ahead. We hope you like the way things have started . . .

God bless . . .
George Schmok, Publisher

As seen in LASN magazine, January 2017.

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