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What a Difference a LED Retrofit Makes

The new LED retrofit for the parking lots at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is juxtaposed with the old HID lamps. The image of the university parking lot was taken after sundown from a lift. The color balance and shutter speed of the photography was kept the same to demonstrate the different temperatures of the old and new lamps. The new decorative lamps are octagonal with polycarbonate prismatic lens panels.
Photo: Dustin Peck Photography

As a long time supplier of campus area lighting, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill enlisted ANP Lighting to reduce energy consumption for campus parking lots, while retaining safe lighting levels.

ANP initially selected 70-watt LEDs, estimating such a retrofit would reduce energy consumption by 53 percent. For lighting safety, however, UNCC requested more wattage for better parking lot safety. ANP provided a 93-watt LED retrofit option to the existing HID luminaires. The increased visibility with the new lighting is dramatic. Even with the larger wattage, the university will reap 38 percent energy savings over the HIDs.

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August 19, 2019, 10:23 am PDT

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