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Worldwide Turfgrass Map

The map, which is linked to text describing the turfgrass species in detail, will help course developers, architects, turf managers and facility managers make an informed choice of the most sustainable grasses for their situation.

A worldwide climate map to provide guidance on grass species selection has been launched by the R&A Golf Course Committee. The interactive map shows the parts of the world where warm or cool season grasses are most appropriate and defines the Transition Zone where neither warm nor cool season species grow to their optimum potential. The grasses used to establish a course often dictate its future sustainability and through time, with the correct management practices, grass composition can be influenced towards a mix of the more sustainable species. It has been developed in conjunction with Maplecroft, specialists in interactive mapping of complex environmental, social, economic and political issues.

Robert Webb, chairman of the R&A golf course committee, said, “We have made many improvements and enhancements to our best practice Web site since it was launched nearly three years ago, but this feature is particularly noteworthy. Everyone concerned with the development and management of the golf course will now be able to access information that will help in meeting our target of making courses more sustainable.”

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December 8, 2019, 7:51 am PDT

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