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Dr. Frederick Roth

Dr. Frederick Roth Professor, Horticuture, Plant & Soil Sciences California State Polytechnic University

"Myth Busters - The Truth About How to Plant & Care for Trees"
Presented by Dr. Frederick Roth

Dr. Frederick Roth will be discussing old and new myths about tree care such as how deep planting holes will be, and what research has told us about how we should really treat trees. * Ph.D. degree Plant Pathology, Cornell University 1977 * At Cal Poly since 1977 * Adviser to Los Robles Club for Ornamental Horticulture * Adviser to PLANET (formerly ALCA) Student Career Day Team * Adviser to NACTA Horticulture Team * American Phytopathological Society * California Urban Forests Council * International Society of Arboriculture * Certified Arborist * Licensed Pest Control Adviser

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June 27, 2019, 1:54 am PDT

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