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You Got a Ticket for What?

Some adult chess players near a NYC playground were ticketed for playing chess on designated game tables, apparently because they were too close to the playground. Some of these adults have occasion to play chess with the local kids and give them pointers.
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Seven adults were issued summons (ticketed by NYC 34th Precinct police) for playing chess in Inwood Hill Park in Manhattan, a designated area with stone chess and backgammon tables. Seems they were ticketed for being “inside Emerson Playground,” although the chessboards are separated from the playground equipment.

Some adult chess players are known for teaching some local kids the finer points of the game. One of the “perps” noted the area has drug-dealing problems and wondered if that was not a better focus for NYC officers. One blog quipped that chess could lead to engaging in more serious sports like squash, polo and jai alai.

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November 19, 2019, 10:17 pm PDT

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