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Young Entrepreneur's Lawn Mowing Service
Wyatt's Lawn Service Is Heading into its Sixth Year


Wyatt Bedell, right, and his younger brother, Dalton, pose with their lawn mowing equipment for Wyatt's Lawn Mowing Service.

When he was just ten years old, Wyatt Bedell started mowing his parent's lawn out in front of his house in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. Quickly, Wyatt's love for mowing became noticeable and in 2012 his mother suggested that he should start looking to provide his service around the neighborhood.

With a little help from his mom, Wyatt made fliers and distributed them to all of his neighbors. Within just two weeks, Wyatt had received a total of seven calls and Wyatt's Lawn Mowing Service was officially open for business.

Since 2012, Wyatt, now seventeen years old, has expanded his summer business to thirty-three clients and has hired his first employee, his younger brother Dalton, to help manage the workload. His goals for the upcoming year are to hit fifty customers and one thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel, all while providing the same great service and friendly attitude to existing customers.

When Wyatt began his business he only had his parent's old side-discharge mower, however he has since then been able to upgrade his equipment to include a 2014 Bad Boy Outlaw stand-on mower, a Toro TimeMaster mower, two Echo SRM 225 weed trimmers, a handheld leaf blower, a Snapper mower and a trailer to haul it all. In the future, Wyatt hopes to grow his business further by offering snow removal during the winter months, upgrading his equipment to include a truck, taking business classes at school and hiring more employees.

"I like helping people who could really use the service," Wyatt stated in an interview. "I also like how, whenever I finish the work, I can see the difference right away; it is very gratifying that way." This enthusiastic attitude and love for the service that he provides has helped Wyatt's business grow over the years and garner positive reviews online.

Wyatt's Lawn Mowing Service offers a multitude of assistances for small and large properties including: free estimates, string trimming, sidewalk and driveway edging, lawn mowing and leaf removal. If you would like to see the work Wyatt's Lawn Service provides, check out his YouTube channel at:
On Facebook at:
Online at:
Or call (570) 439-7409 to schedule a consultation.

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