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Your Christmas Tree May Be Harboring Pests
Precautions to Take After You Buy Your Tree


This holiday season, some folks are finding more than just presents under their tree.

This Christmas, if you are planning on buying a live tree or cutting down your own, you should know that a report by Safer Brand states that there could be up to 25,000 pests living on one single tree.

This number may seem somewhat inflated, however, many of the insects found on freshly cut Christmas trees are microscopic and generally not even noticeable. The website for Safer Brand highlights seven commonly found insects on Christmas trees including: aphids, mites, spiders and bark beetles.

To properly ensure that your tree is pest free you can take a few simple steps before bringing the tree into your home.

1) Inspect the tree thoroughly when you pick it out.
2) Leave your tree in the garage for a few days before bringing it inside.
3) Gently shake your tree a few times outside.
4) Carefully spray the tree with neem oil.

The pests found on Christmas trees are usually not harmful to humans, but follow these steps and you can feel safe knowing there are less bugs on your tree and ultimately less insects in your house.

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