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350 Series, Bike Lockers

Models 351, & 352 are our top of the line bike lockers, they are durable, attractive and require less maintenance than all other bike lockers. Bike Lockers of 350 Series is the preferred choice by transit agencies across the country.

350 Series, Bike Lockers



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American Bicycle Security Co

Address: 401 S. Beckwith Road
City/State/Zip: Santa Paula / CA / 93060
Phone: 805-933-3688
FAX: 805-933-1865
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Vendor Information:
Established in 1986 as a division of Turtle Storage Ltd. American Bicycle Security has become a leading innovator in the bike parking industry. The company is the first to offer a new electronic locking system on their lockers safety view doors and solar shell lockers. American Bicycle Security Company also offers stackable lockers.