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Skateboard Racks

Skateboards might have 4 wheels, but they steel need to be locked up and secured! Skateboard Racks are great for schools, malls, and just about anywhere a person with a skateboard can travel to! Wall mounted or Floor mounted _ Double or single sided. Holds 7 to 14 skateboards.

Skateboard Racks



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American Bicycle Security Co

Address: 401 S. Beckwith Road
City/State/Zip: Santa Paula / CA / 93060
Phone: 805-933-3688
FAX: 805-933-1865
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Established in 1986 as a division of Turtle Storage Ltd. American Bicycle Security has become a leading innovator in the bike parking industry. The company is the first to offer a new electronic locking system on their lockers safety view doors and solar shell lockers. American Bicycle Security Company also offers stackable lockers.