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Swimming Pool Glass

One of the many limitations of traditional plaster materials in swimming pools is lack of sparkle and depth. This is precisely where glass works its magic. Whether in a terrazzo-like or exposed aggregate finish, faceted glass chips reflect and illuminate sunlight, adding an entirely unique dimension to any swimming pool Almost any combination of colors can be incorporated either alone or in combination with traditional pebbles or quartz. And because glass pebbles don't react with harsh swimming pool chemicals, it may actually extend the life of your pool.

Swimming Pool Glass




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American Specialty Glass

Address: 829 North 400 West
City/State/Zip: North Salt Lake / UT / 84054
Phone: 801-294-4222
FAX: 801-294-3135
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American Specialty Glass offers an exciting alternative to traditional aggregate products with its colorful range of recycled glass aggregates. The crushed glass products are available in more than twenty colors and ten different sizes ranging from fine powder all the way up to eight inch rocks. Crushed glass can be used as an alternative to traditional rock and gravel products in almost every application including concrete work and loose-fill landscaping. All of the recycled glass products have been processed to remove the sharp edges and are safe to handle with bare hands. This process also preserves the natural shine of the glass. Additional tumbling is offered on select products. The tumbling process gives the glass a sandblasted or frosted look. Recycled crushed glass will add that finishing touch to your next project.Glass Uses terrazzo floors decorative concrete countertops landscape mulch garden paths xeriscaping zero scaping rock gardens stepping stones water features aquariums pool plastering fireplaces and firepits and much more.