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Classic UV Sterilizer 8 Watt Series Unit

The Classic UV Sterilizer Series Units is ideal for the control of water quality in an extensive array of applications such as greenhouse growing systems, water features, pools/spas, ponds, aquariums, etc. (not drinking water). UV is a proven dependable method for controlling algae, bacteria and protozoa. The ultraviolet lamp emits a germicidal ray which alters or disrupts the DNA or RNA of single-celled organisms. By properly implementing an Aqua Ultraviolet system in-line these organisms can be eradicated effectively with out any harmful residuals. UV controls the spread of disease and keeps your water clear by destroying free-floating algae. Water Sterilization Measurements Freshwater: 5 - 200 Gallons; Saltwater: 70 Gallons; Recommended Flow Rate for UV Dosages at 30,000 µw/cm2 (EOL) GPH: 642 (Max Flow Rate); at 45,000 µw/cm2 (EOL) GPH: 428; at 60,000 µw/cm2 (EOL) GPH: 321; at 75,000 µw/cm2 (EOL) GPH: 256; at 90,000 µw/cm2 (EOL) GPH: 214 (Min Flow Rate)

Classic UV Sterilizer 8 Watt Series Unit

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Aqua Ultraviolet manufactures a full line of professional quality reliable easy to maintain products for any water feature. Ultraviolet sterilizers are powerful enough and the product line extensive enough for any application. Our Viper UV Series has revolutionized the UV sterilization industry. For large water features the Vipers handle heavy flow rates using 400 Watt lamp technology at a fraction of the physical size of any other on the market. Ultima II Filters provide both biological and mechanical filtration along with an easy to use backwashing system. Sunami Pumps are high flow high efficiency pumps featuring extremely quiet operation.


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