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BloomBurst Rise

This themed flower structure elicits smiles along with joyful aqua play. From the flower's center, a heavy crown jet nozzle effect flows out, gracing the upward-facing acrylic flower petals before landing on users below. Pair it with the BloomBurst Set. Decorative acrylic accent panels offer a distinctive look while casting a cool reflection on the ground.

BloomBurst Rise




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Aquatix by Landscape Structures

Address: 6500 Carlson Drive
City/State/Zip: Eden Prairie / MN / 55349
Phone: 952-345-6440
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With more than 30 years of experience Aquatix is a leader in water feature and spray park design fabrication and construction. Pioneering integrated recirculation systems the company provides a sustainable solution that empowers hours of innovative activity without water consumption limits. Aquatix applies Landscape Structures ground breaking design to the creation of imaginative new water experience.