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This interactive event offers a continuous spray of water that kids can manipulate for rousing aqua play. The user simply pulls the plunger back to fill the chamber with water, then pushes it forward to release it and tag friends. Decorative acrylic accent panels offer a distinctive look while casting a cool reflection on the ground.




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Aquatix by Landscape Structures

Address: 6500 Carlson Drive
City/State/Zip: Eden Prairie / MN / 55349
Phone: 952-345-6440
FAX: 952-345-6444
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With more than 30 years of experience Aquatix is a leader in water feature and spray park design fabrication and construction. Pioneering integrated recirculation systems the company provides a sustainable solution that empowers hours of innovative activity without water consumption limits. Aquatix applies Landscape Structures ground breaking design to the creation of imaginative new water experience.