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Porcelain Roof Deck Pavers

Create stunning commercial and residential rooftop decks, terraces and balconies with porcelain pavers elevated on adjustable pedestals. Just 3/4" thick and able to support up to 2000lb, structural porcelain pavers offer outstanding stain and frost resistance, a superb choice of colors plus exceptionally low maintenance. Modern Urban, Rustic, Wood, Stone, and Cement styles available in 24"x24", 24"x48", plank dimensions and cobblestone sizes

Porcelain Roof Deck Pavers

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Archatrak Inc.

Address: 1288 N. 14th Ave., Suite 105
City/State/Zip: Bozeman / MT / 59715
Phone: 866-206-8316
FAX: 301-368-1969
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Archatrak Inc provides structural porcelain pavers wood tiles and adjustable pedestals for creating inspirational landscape projects on rooftop decks and terraces patios balconies outdoor walkways and parklets. Our range of Italian 3/4 inch thick porcelain pavers takes inspiration from natural materials like stone and wood that results in a range of style and colors far superior to any concrete paver.

We stock over 35 colors of porcelain pavers in Wood Stone Cement and Rustic styles including structural grade pavers for building rooftop decks and terraces elevated on pedestals 48 inch and 94 inch porcelain planks which simulate natural wood decking plus slab and cobblestone style porcelain pavers for on-grade landscaping.

Our range of adjustable height pedestals enables you to create level paved surfaces over sloping substrates such as flat rooftops. This pedestal range includes the SE series with its innovative self-leveling head that compensates for sloping substrates up to 5 or the lower cost fixed head Maxi.

Whether for rooftop decks terraces balconies or parklets our range of modular planter boxes and bench seats featuring panels of porcelain pavers offer an inspirational touch and fully integrated landscape theme.


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