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Greenville's Towers & Triis

Towers and Triis provide the answer to three key playground requirements: their height ensures that maximum play volume can be created on a minimal ground area, as is shown in the Greenville style series, with its tall towers and tree houses constructed in diverse designs. These in turn can be combined in endless configurations through the use of exciting connecting elements. Significant height differentials can also be compensated for because of the flexible nature of the bridges and tunnels. You can create entire playground villages, combining vantage points, places of retreat and adventure playgrounds in a single exciting climbing landscape.

Greenville's Towers & Triis




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Berliner Seilfabrik Play Equipment

Address: 96 Brookfield Oaks Dr, Ste 140
City/State/Zip: Greenville / SC / 29607
Phone: 864-627-1092
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In almost 50 years Berliner Seilfabrik has established its name as the worlds leading manufacturer of rope based play equipment. The innovation and uniqueness of its living playgrounds ensures interactive challenging and invaluable fun for kids of all ages. Climbing swinging and balancing encourage agility coordination strength and achievement in a playful environment. The state of the art technology as well as its products compliance with all relevant safety standards provides accessible play value to generations of children. With Berliner Seilfabrik North American headquarters based out of Greenville SC there is no reason for any child to be declined access to the creative world of Berliner play equipment.