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Bocce courts

Boccemon produces a natural oyster shell blend to surface bocce courts. Primarily comprized of finely crushed oyster shells it is ideally suited for use in most climates. Shipped everywhere!

Bocce courts




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Address: 1831 Racine St
City/State/Zip: Bellingham / WA / 98229
Phone: 360-224-2909
FAX: 360-734-2909
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Bocce courts for bocce players. Boccemon ships the sport of Bocce all over the United States. From basics like general court designs to specifics like our superior RainCountry blend for surfacing and tools for maintenance our job is to give every competant landscaper the tools to perform premium installations. Installers can get most of the information they need at no cost by spending some time at Boccemon has made it easy for novice court builders to become overnight professionals. In addition we are compiling a list of perferred contractors to refer to clients as they contact us. Bocce courts are a great niche and can lead to huge high end jobs for skilled landscape professionals.