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Retractable Bollards

Our newly developed line of Retractable Bollards has an extremely small surface footprint, has a keyed lock, and have already been installed in military bases.

Retractable Bollards




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Bollard Solutions

Address: 114 Antigua Way
City/State/Zip: Greer / SC / 29650
Phone: 864-626-3311
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Bollard Solutions is the exclusive North American distributor for the finest Automatic and Manual Retractable bollards available serving the US Canada and Mexico. These products are superior in both looks and function. Our factory has been manufacturing and developing this line of products for over six years and has thousands of bollards already installed around the world. In the automatic realm our factory is one of the few manufacturers who has developed a Hydraulic Pneumatic and Electromechanical operating system each has its own advantages. I would recommend the pneumatic for commercial applications as they have very few problems ever. Bollard Diameters range from 4 to 11 and heights in 24 or 30. Our largest bollard is designed to equal a K4 crash test rating (650000j) they raise or lower in only 3 seconds almost twice as fast as competing brands. We have exterior cabinets which house compressors and the circuit boards can control up to 10 bollards from one source. All come in powder coated finish or stainless with or without LED lightsOur Semiautomatic Bollards have a number of advantages over other competing Manually operated bollards. The quality is superior Though termed manual the Semiautomatic bollard is completely self rising with the turn of a key. It needs no power supply for it to rise. Our SemiAutomatics have been operated over 40000 cycles without a failure.In the raised position there is no top lid leaning against the bollard for a careless foot to grab as in all of most other well known brands. The semiautomatic is often used in conjunction with the automatic products as they can be identical in size and finish.Our Retractable model is competitively priced but is very capable of preventing unwanted access while providing protection reliability and quality. It has an extremely small surface footprint and like our SemiAutomatic does not need a clumsy lid to cover its casing. The 4 x 36 (101mm x 900mm) is most popular in yellow has been the product of choice at several military installations.The Removable bollards are equal to the quality of our Retracting models but can be installed in only an 8 deep footing. They are great at providing the same vehicular access control but at a very low price. Many people are using them to reserve parking spaces or to prevent car theft. They are available in 3 x 30 Yellow Black or Stainless models with Reflective bands.We also have Powder Coated and Stainless Static (or Fixed) Bollards which match our Automatic and Manual bollards. The 4.5 5.3 diameter are 30 or 36 high. We supply bollard sleeves to make Steel Pipe Bollards look more finished in a domed top they are almost as competitive as painting and never need maintenance. The Deco Bollard SLEEVE (polyethylene thermoplastic covers) is a low cost way to dress up any standard 6 steel pipe bollards. This pipe-bollard/sleeve combination is much stronger than a precast or ornamental bollard and is a lot more cost effective.